Benjamin Armel

Designing India with a French Touch

Here’s taking a look at an incredibly talented French Graphic Designer working in Bangalore. Benjamin Armel opens up about how he got here, his passions, and what’s next.


Benjamin Armel is an enigma. He’s soft spoken, unassuming, very polite and has an accent that could charm the devil. On the surface he might seem like your average young Frenchman but dig a little deeper and you’ll be surprised at how quickly and seamlessly he starts to unravel.

As much as advertising, branding and application design define his career today, he is much more than just these things. He’s adventurous, passionate about world peace, ambitious and has an unquenchable wanderlust that constantly keeps him wanting more. A passion for all these things led him to design which (by his own admission) keeps him more happy every day than a career in IT and Communications ever could.

Coming to India was never a part of the plan and yet Bangalore was where he came into being the designer that he is today.The Srishti School of Art and Design gave him all the working knowledge he needed but what refined his skills was an internship he did with Guillaume (his teacher) in Macao for two months. It was here he learnt that design isn’t heartless. It isn’t just about grids and computing it’s about balance, having a good eye for quality and a whole lot of practice.

This experience also opened him up to different world full of different cultures and introduced him to Typography, his new love.The first thing he did when he came to India was discover the different visual scripts, which only fueled his passion further. “I loved living in India. I felt more free and liberated in this country than back at home(France). It didn’t take me much time to decide where I wanted to work after that.

Despite being young, Ben has an extensive portfolio which he has worked on over time drawing a lot from his experiences. As a young boy he would create funny logos and designs on Photoshop, “I think that was when I became interested in design. Initially, I’d use it to make a good joke but soon I really got into creating my own illustrations which I now realize were not so good”, he laughs.

But now he has let his travels and experiences shape the work of which he is truly proud of. Working in the US, China and India have all taught him different things in different ways and yet he carries them wherever he goes.One lesson he will never forget taught him to plan his moves and stay focused. “If there is a job I don’t budge until I finish it. This technique helps me a lot when I feel lazy or stressed.”

“Ben is a thorough professional with an amazing creative mind that is Ben for you in a nutshell!”, says a colleague. “Working with him is an experience of a kind... a collaboration that transcends both culture and geographies”.

Benjamin currently works with Lollypop a design studio in Bangalore and hopes to let his work do the talking, all the way to the top.

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