The world around us is teeming with systems which need to be re-thought and unrealised problems that need solving. Here's our solution to the most prominent one.


Everyday we commute across the cities we live in and while doing so, we try and take every measure to protect ourselves against the various elements we encounter. What we take for granted, is the air we breathe. With the rapid rise in the number of vehicles and green house gases the air around us is fast becoming a serious health hazard. INSPIRE is a wearable respiratory protection system designed keeping in mind the various influencing factors in an urban environment.

In the city of bangalore and the cities of India, air pollution is an issue which has rapidly evolved from being just a menace into being an issue of major national concern. With our capital Delhi assuming the role of the air pollution capital of the world, its high time the people of this country realise this omnipresent danger and take measures to protect themselves. From a systemic point of view, setting strict environmental guidelines upon industries and factories to reduce their carbon footprints may hold a key. But looking from a current and personal point of view, there is nothing effective out there to protect us from the dangers of air pollution.

Though there are a number of civilian gas masks in the market, very few sections try and protect themselves with these masks. The reason being, there is something intrinsically wrong in the way these masks approach the problem at hand.

In an urban environment, apart from the core function, various factors like lifestyles, cultures and societies play an important role in how people perceive the objects, especially objects they must wear. At OODI design, we have realised this phenomenon and through INSPIRE we envision to bring through a wearable device that not only protects people but also allows them to carry out their daily activities seamlessly.

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