Morning Fresh

A hangover drink to cure all your morning blues.

Let’s face it, everyone hates a hangover. Morning Fresh promises to rid yourself of those hazy morning afters. Here’s taking a look at what goes behind the drink that’s changing the way you party. .


What if we told you there is a cure for a hangover that actually works? Say goodbye to forcibly stuffing your face with greasy foods and drinking endless cups of coffee just to feel human again. Instead we’d like you to say hello to Morning Fresh, a safe and healthy drink to take care of those horrible morning afters.

What exactly is Morning Fresh you may ask? Let’s give you a proper introduction. Morning Fresh is a wonder drink designed to take care of all your morning blues. It is manufactured using the most cutting edge technology there is in sericulture. Yes you read that right, we’re talking silk. Kind of. It is a deliciously sweet drink made with silk protein, vitamin C and everything nice.

Silk protein is proven to be a non-allergenic, completely biocompatible and of course, non-toxic. In other words it’s not going to harm you, don’t worry. It also comes in three lip smacking flavours Cola, Strawberry and Salted Caramel so go ahead and indulge yourself.

How does it work?

Let’s begin at the root of why you even get a hangover - alcohol. As alcohol enters your bloodstream your liver start to counteract it by producing an enzyme called Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH).But as consumption increases, the liver starts to reduce its production of ADH, simply because it cannot produce any more. Morning Fresh is designed to stimulate the production of ADH in the liver and this helps to eliminate the excess alcohol from your bloodstream.All you have to do is drink the contents of this little bottle after you’re done for the night and the next morning, like magic, you’re left with an almost non-existent hangover.

While the concept of Morning Fresh maybe a little too bold for some retailers,(considering it is the first of its kind in India) consumers have embraced it with open arms. “Had my apprehensions that it wouldn’t work, but it’s worked beautifully. It’s great to get up the next morning with no headache and without that lousy feeling” - Anubhav Consul There have been over 1500 samples distributed in over as many scenarios and most customer reactions reflect the one above, hesitant at first but loyal customers there after.

How you can join the no hangover revolution

If you’re looking to get your hands on this all you need to do is log on to and place your order. You have the option of picking up one bottle for 100 rupees or a weekend pack (which includes one bottle of all three flavours) for 300 which can be delivered anywhere in India.

However if you are one of those who want to walk into your favourite local bar or retail outlet to pick up a bottle, it’s only available at select outlets in Bangalore - Dewar’s on Lavelle Road and Red Fork in Indiranagar. But don’t worry, Sericare, the manufacturers of Morning Fresh have a plan. They plan to build a strong consumer base in Bangalore first and are currently in talks with retail outlets to start selling their product in the open market. An expansion to Mumbai, Delhi and Pune is also definitely on the cards in the near future.

Here’s looking forward to Hangover-less mornings and waking up, revitalised with Morning Fresh. Cheers!

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