Design With A Deaft Touch

This multifaceted young designer, talks about her trials, tribulations and what it takes to make it in the design world.


Rejection. Determination. HardWork. Success. May seem like the plotline for the next inspirational blockbuster unless you’re Noopur Gandhi. Her story might feel farfetched to some, a fairytale to others but irrespective Noopur Gandhi inspires awe. She just does. Just like any good edge-of-your-seat blockbuster, Noopur had no idea that design was what she was meant to do. It took her almost her entire life and a couple of years in Dubai to realise her true calling.

Today, Noopur has an extensive resume of work. She is a graphic designer who’s worked with over seven companies in her career. She’s done work for Conservation India to Danish Sait to Patiala Patio. She’s currently doing a project for MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), New York. At first work was challenging, she admits she was apprehensive as to how people would treat her given that she couldn’t hear. It took her a little while to adjust but soon she realised it’s all about the work.

This had an immense impact on her as a person as it was the first time people overlooked her disability and focused on what really matters. In many ways she admits that her first job changed her, it made her more confident and since then there’s been no turning back.

As a child Noopur would always catch herself doodling on letters and alphabets. Bright colors would always make her happy, this soon turned into her experimenting with colors and drawing. But it was only after she went to Dubai to study Fashion Design that she realised her true calling was graphics.

While some of her projects are sombre with bold lines others are intricate, modern and funky. “I feel that the universe never knows what they want from us Graphic Designers and so we need to bring out the stupidity in it” she says with a twinkle in her eye. So when she started her own website it was natural for her to call it Human Stupidity. This website contains all her projects and illustrations as well as follows her stepping into the world of entrepreneurship.

She was bitten by the freelance bug when she realised the amount of time she was spending in a cooped up in a corporate office. When instead she could be meeting new people, learning from them, being a part of different teams all over the world and gaining motive to change her surroundings.

While she may come across to you today as confident, smart and extremely motivated that was never always the case. As a child she was made to feel like an outcast because of her hearing disability despite having perfected the art of lip reading by the age of five. Her mother always insisted that she go to a normal school and normal college, which in some ways provided her, her toughest memories. Looking back however she says that those experiences made her stronger. In a way it gave her the strength to handle being rejected twice from her dream design school times in the UK, to handle the times where she was given no appreciation for her work despite having put in six months of her heart and soul into it.

Her tough times have also made her appreciate the good times that she’s had. She remembers being very naughty as a young child. There was even a time she and a friend smeared white paint all over the library desks and chairs and got into serious trouble for it!

Her most embarrassing story however was when she met Anil Kapoor at ‘The Club’ in Mumbai. When she saw him she started to imitate some of his famous dance moves behind his back. Noopur was having such a great time that she didn’t realise he had turned around and was watching her. “I felt like a fool after”, she says laughing.

As much as Noopur loves her work and is enthusiastic to whip out her phone to show you her latest designs that’s not all there is to her. Noopur is intrigued by art, culture and typography. Her favorite famous people include Audrey Hepburn and Chole Savigny for their effortless style and panache. She is also a huge Steve Jobs fan and marvels at the way his mind worked to create things that no one could have imagined in his time.

So naturally when she decided to do a solo trip around the world The Big Apple ranked pretty high on the list of places to visit first. New York, Rhode Island, Boston and Amsterdam all gave her a new perspective of the world. Her favourite thing to do when she visits a new place is to go and see their art museums. Which is probably why Amsterdam was most memorable for her. Amsterdam is home to the Van Gogh Museum, who is one of Noopur’s favourite artists. “His work is unique, his museum is one of the best in the world. It had both 3D views as well as the originals which appealed to both the artist and the designer in me”.

There are some people who choose to give up when times get hard, there are others who thrive when hit with adversity. We’d like to think Noopur is the second kind. She’s creative, intuitive and most of all inspired. In the next five years she hopes to land her dream job with Sagmeister and Walsh in New York City. With the exceptional quality of her work, dedication and hardwork we have no doubt she’ll achieve all her dreams and much more.

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