Ever wondered who that prankster on Fever 104 FM is? Or perhaps the man behind the rib-tickling voice notes? We’re taking you on a journey to find out.


Danish Sait needs no introduction. He’s an Emcee, TV presenter, actor, writer, the list is endless. Yet the despite being so many things all at once he’s best known to be that guy on the radio who can make a million people laugh. Now six years in, Danish has become one of the most recognisable names on Indian radio today. He is known for how authentic he makes Nagraj, Nagesh, John or any of his alter egos sound when he’s carrying out his pranks.

But what has you laughing on the floor is the way he can take seemingly ordinary situations from zero to 100 on the “laughometer" in a matter of seconds. The prankee has no idea what hit him as he grapples to find a solution to the dire situation that Sait creates. Listening to one of his pranks, whether it be a father yelling at his daughter’s boyfriend or breaking the news to a vegetarian man that he was served non-veg at a restaurant is pure, unadulterated entertainment. It’s no wonder he owns and operates one of the biggest SoundCloud accounts in the world.

Making people laugh may be what he does for a living but he never always knew that this was what he was meant to do. Mimicking people started out as a hobby for him at boarding school. There, he would spend his time mimicking his teachers and making his friends laugh when he wasn’t studying or playing that is. His first real job was as a client servicing executive at an events firm and that was fine for a while, until he landed himself a job in Bahrain as an RJ. He would play around with different accents for the daily birthday segment on the show. This is when he started getting noticed and the rest, as they say, is history.

While being a prankster is what might have gotten him noticed, this is not all there is to Danish Sait. Danish travels the country being an Emcee for various events. He feels that travelling so much constantly exposes him to different kinds of people in various environments and this is what helps him keep his content so fresh.

If you’re reading this article and wondering why on earth his name sounds so familiar it might be because he is on TV pretty often. In the last few years he has hosted The Pro Kabaddi League - Seasons I & II and The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 on Star Sports. When he isn’t doing that, he is the RCB insider, putting cricketers on the spot with his outrageous antics.

Danish Sait might have started out small but now he has a huge fan following, not just from India but from around the world. What is his secret? “Though sometimes you may feel like an idiot, it’s great to practise in front of the mirror. My mum is traumatised every time I get in front of the mirror and practise.” Well looks like all that practising finally paid off. Thank you Danish for taking one man’s distress and turning it into a million people’s laughter.

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