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Out With The Old, In With The Juice.

Cold.Fresh.Delicious. Fresh Pressery promises to deliver.


Fresh Pressery is a company with a juicy twist. Here, it’s all about the little things that leave huge impacts on our lives. At Fresh Pressery, beautiful fruits and vegetables get pressed into exceptionally good-for-you juices, designed to cleanse your body of toxins. These juices are attractively packaged in 400 ml bottles and are delivered right to your door step. Each bottle contains the nutrition of 1.5kg of fruits and vegetables which provide you with exactly the right amount of minerals, vitamins, carbs and proteins to take care of your body’s everyday nutritional needs.

Their cleansing package of six juices is sold for a periods of one, three, five or seven days. Each of the bottles are numbered so that they can be consumed in a sequence most beneficial for your body. The juices are so full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that they can even be substituted for meals, for a fixed periods of time of course!

What Makes Them Special?

What makes these juices even better for you is the unique technology Fresh Pressery uses to make them. All the ingredients are pressed very slowly using zero heat to ensure none of the enzymes, vitamins and minerals are lost in the process. The juices are made from zero pesticide produce to which no preservatives are added which gives you a window of 72 hours to consume them before their benefits run out. None of the juices have added sugar or sweeteners to enhance the taste. So what you get is pure, natural, unadulterated goodness.

This juice cleanse is aimed at revitalizing your body and mind. The team at Fresh Pressery is aware that everyone’s body detoxifies differently. Which is why they also do customised cleanses, depending on the person’s diet and rate of metabolism. This makes their juice cleanses easy for just about anyone to do. They say that the point of their juice cleanse is to give your body a break from all the unhealthy foods, sugars and alcohol that have sneaked their way into our everyday diet.

What the Customers have to say

Their customers have already embraced Fresh Pressery’s juices with open arms. Many of their one-time skeptical customers have now become regular repeat customers. Feedback has been excellent so far with many saying that they now have more energy and stamina to get through their day. Improved skin, luscious hair and higher mental clarity are just a few benefits their customers have reported experiencing ever since they started with Fresh Pressery's wonder juices.

The Fresh Pressery Cafe

Fresh Pressery isn’t just serving juices anymore. They've expanded into a cafe open on Lavelle road, Bangalore. The Fresh Pressery Cafe menu boasts of healthy salads, sandwiches, main course dishes and of course their signature cold pressed juices. Their juices are also available in Namma Crossfit gyms and in Nature’s Basket off of CMH road Indiranagar, Bangalore. If you’re looking to detoxify in a way that is most beneficial to your body, Fresh Pressery is the way to go!

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