Harshita Vemulapalli

It's a learning process...

Graphic designer, Harshita, shares her first foothold into the design field through her internship.

My Experience as an intern.

Growing up in the U.S, I always had a liking for art, this eventually lead me to pursue a degree in multimedia design. While studying at Raffle Millennium International Bangalore, I found myself having a lot of free time. I took this opportunity to apply for internships in efforts to enhance my level of experience in the design industry. I decided to join OODI Design.

My experience at OODI Design has been pleasant to say the least. I started my internship at the beginning of May. Getting to know how the company operates came surprisingly easily due to the organized structure and mentoring of my fellow coworkers. In terms of the learning curve, it was also exponentially high. I remember the first couple days were a little slow because I was still getting the hang of things, but after that period, things picked up quickly. While Interning here, I learned a plethora of useful things. I’ve noticed my speed at coming up with ideas and carrying them out also increased.

Because creatives and other materials were needed quickly, that pressure forced me to learn to work quicker and more smartly. Keep in mind, when I use them word pressure, it was by no means meant negatively. This internship, though there were some long nights, was not stressful or deprived me of my regular life outside of work.

The atmosphere of this working space made for a relaxed yet productive environment. What I really appreciate about this office, that wasn’t in the other offices I’ve interned or worked at, is that this office has a balance between working and socializing. It makes the 10am to 7pm working day seem a lot less strenuous. Another aspect of this office that make the environment pleasurable is that the people that work here are all pretty close knit.

All their personalities work together in a bizarre way. When I first joined, I was welcomed into this friendly cult as part of them team. Though people were here far longer than I have, I didn’t feel like an outsider. The occasional outing and lunches we all had as a whole also helped form the bond created. This all contributed to a very pleasant experience here at OODI Design.

Organization wise, the hierarchy of command that is set in place here is also very efficient. The creatives come in during the morning hours and are dispatched out to each designer by the design lead. After the creatives are made by said designer, and the creatives are checked for quality, then the designer gets in touch with the client themselves and handles any follow-up revisions.

This is efficient and also allowed for me to work with the clients directly, which I have never had the opportunity to do before. We have also held brainstorming sessions for creatives. Though each designer is solely in charge of the creative they are assigned, there is never a lack of teamwork when it is required. And it is made sure that everyone working here is on the same page due to the weekly team meeting that loop everyone into what work is being done and the goaled needing to be achieved for the week.

I think one of the most admirable traits of this company is that OODI Design constantly tries to push to grow. We, as a whole, step out of our comfort zone in order to experiment with new styles and techniques as well as with new outputs to give our clients. Yes, static posts and prints are still done as the majority of the designers’ work, but we also have delved into game design, stop motion videos, and gifs. I’ve heard of many companies that get stuck doing the same level of work and quality for long intervals of time. It is nice to see the efforts of an aspiring and ambitious leader in charge.

Overall, I truly believe that my experience here at OODI Design has been a positive one. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to see theirskill level and understanding of the industry grow.

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