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Santosh Melwani

A small idea can make a huge difference - how it all started.


A few weeks after we moved into our new office, team OODI was tidying up and trying to personalise the space to make it more enriching.

We were looking for easy to execute DIY ideas that didn’t involve much cost. No brainer there- Plants were the answer.

I guess you do not have to be an environmentalist to understand that plants look attractive. And if you dig deeper beneath the visual appeal you also realise that the benefits of interior landscaping goes way beyond just aesthetics.

Research tells us that plants are good for people in a lot of subtle ways - its plays an important role in providing a pleasant and tranquil environment to move, work and relax. It helps reduce stress levels and creates a sense of well being and at the same it creates a stimulating and interesting environment.

The idea of ‘’ stemmed from just doing up our own office space. We felt the positive effect of the plants on our creativity and felt like we needed to spread the green to as many people as we could.

After much thought we decided to push this out in a big way and make it part of our CSR activity.

The idea is simple. You buy a plant from us and we deliver it to your doorstep! But it does not stop here. We need your help to reach out to more and more people. Once you receive a plant we need you to share a photo of your plant on social media using #Plantted and put the onus on your friends by tagging them. Our hope is that this creates a snowball effect that will help us transform our homes and workspaces into cleaner greener workspaces. But thats not the only benefit of this campaign.

We’re not only impacting ourselves, colleagues and friends with this little gesture that costs only 150 INR per plant, but we’re also addressing the needs of a social organisation called APD India (The Association of People with Disability). In simpler words, part of the proceeds from will be going toward funding training programs held at APD to help subsidise the cost for the underprivileged and physically challenged workforce of our nation - giving them a fairer better shot in this rat race we call life.

So what are you waiting for! Do your bit to contribute to our society. Log onto and order your plants NOW!

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