Technology Meets Restaurants in Reality.

Can the restaurants of the future be good to people?


Almost every week we hear about a new app or a new delivery service that’s out. Some of them might be useful but others not so relevant to us. But they are all, in essence, new incarnations of the same old (sometimes useful) thing.

But what if there was a brand new thing itself? Something that could revolutionize the way that we communicate with each other? Recent developments in Wireless Mesh Network technology have shattered boundaries that previously existed. What if instead of using your apps individually, you have a system that could coordinate all of them according to your unique requirements? What if this system could do all that without even your intervention?

In this hypothetical system, anything from a table reservation at your favorite restaurant to a doctor’s appointment could all happen simply because you booked an Uber to that location. At the other end, a restaurant owner, knowing one of their regular diners is coming over for dinner, could take the Salmon off the menu in time to save the last one for them. How’s that for personalized services?

The uses for such a system have so many possibilities both for the business and the consumer. It helps business become more efficient and responsive all while giving the consumer a more personalized service. By knowing that someone close by is looking at images of sneakers on their phone, the local shoe shop can call them per-emptively and offer them a discount if they walk over and buy a pair. Wouldn’t you appreciate that phone call, especially if you’re shopping in a new city?

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us are predictable in our behaviors and habits. Not only that, information about how we behave is already out there (that’s how Google is able to show you ads relevant to you even when you’re looking from something completely different).

But instead of a few organization holding having access to this information, you would have control of it and choose how to use it. That’s essentially what a system described above would do. Instead of your experience being limited to a demographic “type”, you would be able to have your unique (and idiosyncratic) tastes fulfilled.

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