With Slangalore we're giving you the keys to the heart of every true blooded Bangalorean. You're welcome!


If you ask a person who recently moved to Bangalore what they love most about it - they’d probably say something generic like the weather. Give them a couple of months and ask them again, you won’t be surprised to hear a completely different answer. “The people, the food, the culture and that crazy bangalore language man”, is the most likely answer to the question the second time around.

That language they’re talking about is a complex mix of Kannada, highly manipulated english and inappropriate abbreviations that make it uniquely ours. Learning to talk it with authority and a straight face earns you the respect and unrestricted access into the hearts of any true Bangalorean. Slangalore brings you a compilation of the craziest, most outrageous, intensely rib tickling Bangalore-isms make up “that crazy bangalore language man”. Here are a few that will definitely come in handy.

“Eyy hero! Don’t take hot drinks and drive, tu” translates straight into “Don’t drink and drive.”

If you ever hear “Kya re? Kal zym kyu nahi gaya so?”. Don’t worry that’s just Shivajinagar lingo for asking you why you didn’t got to the gym.

Here’s what you do if someone says“Nishanth is one KD da”, stay as far away from Nishanth as possible.

An integral part of the language is the use one word wonders that seem inconspicuous but contain a world of meaning. Here are some pointers,you can thank us later. Run in the opposite direction from which the word “Vaanti” originates from "Kakkus" is not a dish you’d want to eat . Trust us on this one. ”Gubbe” is reserved for only the choicest idiots.

Now stop being a gubbe and read Slangalore.

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