Morning Fresh
A safe and all natural alcohol detox drink

The Challenge

Morning Fresh is a hangover prevention remedy. It is a unique and patented formulation that helps the re-activation of a naturally occurring enzyme in the liver called ADH. The goal was to humanise the brand and convince the customer that it is a natural and safe detox elixir by engaging them with the product through online and offline campaigns that ultimately had to result in sales.

The Result

To start with we built them a beautiful e-commerce website which also educates the customer about the product and its benefits. And started populating it with content that drives faith through customer reviews and media coverage.

In addition to this we started building a brand voice that was young and cutting edge through social media campaigns and quirky tech products that we built for them around their offline events that went viral with the customers.


We developed a fun “Hangover Meter” algorithm for Morning Fresh that tells you how many hours you lose to a hangover each year based on a few questions that you answer. This indirectly grew awareness about how much valuable time can possibly be saved and we saw huge spike in sales on the website when we ran this campaign.

Drunken Dinesh

When Morning Fresh tied up with the Steppin’ Out Festival to be their beverage partner, we developed a game that went viral. It was a spin on our all time favourite ‘Mario Brothers’. The objective was to test your sobriety by avoiding all the alcohol and policemen in your way and the more morning fresh you collected, the more seconds were added to your life. The game outlived the festival and we had close to 30,000 shares on Facebook in less than a week.

Fresh Starts

Morning Fresh as a brand is all about trying new things and motivating their customers to live healthier lifestyles. We chose to launch the 21 day #FreshStarts Challenge tool in January 2017 the time when everyone struggles to keep up with their never-ending lists of new year resolutions that involve staying fit and trying new things.

The objective was simple- one just had to choose a goal for themselves and morning fresh would send them a single task each day for 21 days- the time it takes to form a habit. A leaderboard was maintained on Social Media so the contestants were constantly motivated to do better and log their tasks as they were being incentivised with a whole lot of goodies.

Drunk On Love

Ever asked your self if it was Drunken love or if you were actually drunk on love? A few days prior to Valentines day we released a fun quiz that tells you what kind of lover you are and the beer that suits your lover profile. It didn’t just stop with this, we wanted to spread the love so we sent out coupons to all contenders so they could avail free morning fresh and beer at Bengaluru's favourite brewery- Arbor.