Premium Food Delivery In Bangalore

The Challenge

A meal is as much about the experience as it is about the food itself. With a growing number of high end eateries in Bangalore, Entree aimed to enter the market at a premium level delivering only the best restaurants, with the best possible online ordering experience.

Pain points included not being able to order from multiple restaurants simultaneously with any other app at the time, and constantly having the delivery boy call you to confirm your location - often in a language you don’t understand and really not something you want to deal with at the best of times.

The Solution

In order to make this work, six different apps had to be made for the project to come together. The driver app, restaurant app, a call centre app, a web app, iOS app and an android app.

Keeping simplicity in mind and focusing on getting to market quickly was key. The product was built to allow for easy upgrades and edits allowing for rapid and agile development to take place to address Entree’s changing needs on a daily basis.

The Numbers

The end product has been a great hit and is steadily taking over Bangalore. As of November 2016 some key stats were:

  • An Average NPS score of 11%. 3x industry average.
  • 5/7 of BLR’s best restaurants (at UB city) on board by month 2
  • 14 of the top 30 restaurants in BLR on board by month 4
  • 4.8 Stars on the play store and 5 stars on the app store after 6 months of operation

What They Say

“We can’t tell you how many fights the LBB Crew has had over where to order lunch from...So you can image how thankful we were when we learnt of Entrée”
- LBB Bangalore